Many without job would rather be working than off for Labor Day

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PHOENIX – In Arizona the unemployment rate is nearly 10 percent, meaning thousands of people may be sitting by the pool on Labor Day but say they would actually rather be sitting at a desk.

As hard as it is to be working on Labor Day many say it is even more difficult not having a job to go back to on Tuesday and that is a situation thousands in the Valley are faced with right now.

As the nation celebrates Labor Day and the symbolic end of summer, many people are thinking about jobs that will not be waiting for them on Tuesday.

Carlos Walter tells 3TV, “I've been out of work for a few months now.” Before that, he cleaned carpets for a decade and now he is applying for jobs in other fields, but without much luck. He explains, “A lot of people that apply for the jobs, they have more experience than I do so they'll probably get it before I will.”

Paul Martinez pastors a church in the west valley and says that even he worries about how to make ends meet. “It's affected me, having to get a second job because giving is down of course with people losing jobs, losing their homes.”

Now he is looking for a third job and Martinez says every week, one or two of his members are being let go.

While everyone else seems to be enjoying the fresh air this Labor Day, Kelly Lopez is at home. She says, “I spend my days, all day long, ya know, looking for jobs.” She was let go from her job at JB's in June.

“I started out as a server and worked my way up through the corporate office. I worked there for 16 years.”

Since then she says she has applied for more than 400 jobs. Lopez says her family is now making just a fraction of what it was earlier this year. Her husband has also struggled to find consistent work.

She tells 3TV, “Regardless of what's going on, you know, I think 20 years from now we won't remember so much the things we lacked or the bills that were left unpaid. We'll remember the times with our family and those cherished memories.”

Lopez says she has gotten several calls back and has even made it to the second interview but so far nothing has worked out.