Family holding car wash to raise money for funeral ripped off with counterfeit bill

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PHOENIX - A Valley woman mourning her father's death holds a fundraiser to help pay for funeral costs, but instead of getting help she got ripped off when a customer left her with counterfeit money.

Michelle McConico says she set up a car wash to try to raise $2500 to cover costs for her father's cremation.

During the fundraiser, a customer got his truck washed, then asked for change of a $100 bill, but as soon as they gave him $90 in change he sped off, leaving behind a counterfeit $100 bill behind.

“We were angry, we were disappointed, we couldn’t believe someone would actually do this to a grieving family,” she said.

The family has contacted the Phoenix Police Department.

They plan to hold another car wash next Sunday at the Autozone on Camelback Road and 55th Avenue.