Living pain free

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AZ Pain Centers specializes in treating pain from single joint to chronic pain. Olga is a patient of AZ Pain Centers who came to them after suffering from back pain after the birth of her son who is now 21 years old and from being in a drug induced coma three years ago where she remained in bed for one month. After the coma her neck and shoulders now joined her low back pain. Olga was in chronic pain daily which didn't allow her to climb stairs at home. She tried everything from narcotics to massages to physical therapy. But, it wasn't until she went to AZ Pain Centers that she found relief.

AZ Pain Centers reviewed Olga's pain sources and addressed the most painful first. They then made a list of all the pain sources and prioritized them treating each source one at a time until the pain was relieved. Today, Olga is happy to announce that she now lives a pain-free life and now has to retrain her brain that she is not in pain anymore and that she CAN climb those stairs at home.

If you're living with pain you don't have too. Whether it's the start of single joint pain or chronic pain that you've been dealing with for year's, AZ Pain Centers will help in finding treatment for you and getting you back to the quality of life your used to.

About AZ Pain Centers: 
AZ Pain Centers is a collection of Arizona physicians that are knowledgeably advanced in the use of anti-inflammatory medications for the treatment of chronic pain. The AZ Pain Centers' physicians are dedicated to treating pain and helping patients live a higher quality of life. AZ Pain Centers is equipped to help patients with single joint pain or those who have lived with chronic pain for years and have tried all other treatments in the industry. For more information visit AZ Pain Centers on-line.