Minivan slams into side of Phoenix Church's Chicken

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PHOENIX -- A red minivan plowed in the side of a Phoenix Church's Chicken Friday morning, knocking out power to the popular fast-food restaurant.

It happened at 19th and Peoria avenues.

According to the driver, the gas pedal became stuck after a wreck involving three cars in the middle of the intersection. That person, whose name has not been released, said the stuck pedal is what caused the vehicle to shoot across the parking lot and into the building.

The minivan hit the building's power box. The impact knocked the meter right off.

While the damage appeared to be significant, only minor injuries were reported.

The minivan was towed from the scene by a flatbed wrecker, as was at least one other vehicle from the collision in the intersection.

There's no word yet on when that Church's Chicken will re-open for business.

It's not clear what sparked the initial wreck.