Recalled truck to blame for house fire?

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PHOENIX -- Investigators are trying to determine if a recalled truck might have sparked a fire that destroyed a Phoenix home Thursday morning.

As Kristine Harrington explains, when firefighters respond to a vehicle fire, one of the first things they check is if there are any recalls involved.

In the case of the fire near 83rd Avenue and Osborn Road, they believe a recalled Ford truck that had not been repaired might be to blame.

The defect was in the truck's cruise-control switch. More than 14 million Ford vehicles dating back to 1992 have been recalled.

According to Capt. Ray Wilson, this is the second Ford defect fire he has responded two in as many weeks.

"The notice from Ford says before you have the recall service performed, park your car away from structures to prevent under hood fire from spreading," Wilson said.

While car manufacturers do send several notices about recalls, they rely on registration information to track down the owners. That information  might not always be up to date.

"In the case of this morning, the person had not re-registered their vehicle to their current address," Wilson said.

While the home was destroyed in the fire, no injuries were reported.