Facing Toledo will be a learning experience for Arizona football

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I’m a long way from being the expert, but am I out of bounds for suggesting that the phrases “college football” and “team defense” more often than not never collide in the same sentence?  I realize that some good defense does exist in college football, but don’t ever make it a guarantee.  The boys on the opposite side of the eleven with the football are more likely to surrender these days than to put a stop to your efforts.

The college game has evolved number one, and number two, there is way to much parity in the new millennium.   Heck, even a .500 team from the Sun Belt is gonna throw up a few points against a power conference team on the road, right?

That brings us to the Arizona Wildcat defense 2010 style.  They are young, but certainly have some veteran leadership mixed in the fold.  But should we expect lots of learning on the job Friday night?  Yes.  Should we expect lots of growing pains Friday night?  Yes.  Should we expect some missed assignments Friday night?  Yes.  Alright, I’m going to be pessimistic, which I don’t like to do, because I’m a very optimistic person, but the realities of sports often force us to speak in a pessimistic manner from time to time.

The important thing to remember about Friday night is that the Arizona defense doesn’t have to keep Toledo in negative numbers on every area of the stat sheet.  First of all there is no way that’s going to happen. 

What the fellas need to do is just go out and play assignment football.  Play assignment football!  That’s what football is, or is supposed to be.  We all need to understand that rarely is a play executed with all eleven on offense accounting for all eleven on defense and the outcome looking just like you drew it up on the halftime chalk board. 

The theme of fall camp, frankly-- with the exception of one of the closed scrimmage that we didn’t get to see-- was that the Wildcat offense was consistently a leg up on the Wildcat defense.  Now let’s assume that we can draw both positives and negatives from that statement.  Nick Foles and company just might be that good with the UA defense hopefully good enough to not lose games for the ‘Cats this season. 

So should it make us wonder if the 2010 version of Wildcat football might have the theme of needing to outscore every opponent this season?  The Arizona defense is going to make some mistakes, but they’re also going to mature from week to week, besides, they’ll be learning on the job.  Have you ever had to learn on the job?  We all have!  And when it comes to learning on the job, let’s just hope the Arizona coaching staff is up to task.  We may be able to tell that by much voice Mike Stoops has left at the post game podium late Friday night!  Bear Down Arizona!