Phoenix company back in hot water again

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PHOENIX - A Valley company profiled before by 3 On Your Side and eventually shut down by the Federal Government is in the news again.

The business we're talking about is called Central Coast Neutraceuticals. They're currently being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission and as a result, several employees say they got caught up in the whole ordeal.

Graham Gibson, who is the target of this investigation, was trying to shield his face in a previous 3 On Your Side report.

Gibson ran a company called Central Coast Neutraceuticals, which is a company that not only has an "F" with the Better Business Bureau, but was also recently shut down by the Federal Trade Commission for "deceiving consumers out of tens of millions of dollars."

"It's kind of like having the rug pulled out in front of you," said Christopher Robertson, a former employee of Neutraceuticals. "I was living off those paychecks. I don't have money saved up."

Robertson said when the feds shut down his employer, he and several other employees were left without jobs and their paychecks.

"I was pulling stuff together in my life, things were pretty good, then all of a sudden no job, out of nowhere, out of the blue," Robertson said.

3 On Your Side tried contacting Gibson by visiting his house, but he wasn't available. Not only is he in trouble with the Feds, but he's also in hot water with big-time celebrities like Oprah.

Gibson reportedly claimed that his products were endorsed, but the endorsements were bogus.

Robertson claims he never knew any of this and says he thought he was working for a great company. Now, he and other former employees wonder if they'll ever see paychecks they never received when his employer was shut down.

"If I don't have that money by the end of this month, then I probably won't have a place to live," Robertson said.

To make things worse, the company's assets have all been frozen by a judge, which means it will be very difficult for former employees to get paid.