Prosecutors hope video of murder will help get death penalty for cop killer

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PHOENIX - Convicted cop killer Edward Rose already pled guilty to the murder of Officer George Cortez, but now a jury will decide whether he'll get life in prison or be put to death.

Prosecutors made a case for death using a graphic surveillance video of the murder.

3TV was inside the courtroom when prosecutors showed the surveillance video of the officer being killed and as you can imagine, it was extremely disturbing.

The courtroom was silent after watching the murder of the officer.

Rose, 23, did not watch the video as he sat in court Wednesday.

Rose has already admitted to the killing of Officer Cortez, saying he was high on meth.

Rose tried to cash a forged check at a west Phoenix check cashing business in July of 2007, when officer Cortez was called to arrest him.

The video shows Officer Cortez walk up to Rose and try to handcuff him, but they both look to their left at what prosecutors say they're looking at Rose's girlfriend who is running.

Seconds later Rose pulls out a gun and shoots Officer Cortez twice, once in the head and once in the shoulder.

The jury should decide by Thursday if Rose should die for it.

In order for Rose to get the death penalty prosecutors have to prove he killed the officer for monetary gain.

The defense claims he did it out of stupidity, not to further his forged check scheme.