Phoenix woman can't get new key for her Mercedes

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PHOENIX -- A Phoenix woman thought getting a new key for her car would be easy, but as 3 On Your Side's Gary Harper explains, it was anything but.

Not only was it not easy, but it wasn't cheap.

Getting an extra key to your car is always a good idea, but for Kayce Bandin it was a must. That's because she had lost the one and only key she had to her Mercedes, but getting it replaced costs almost as much as her car.

Bandin loves Mercedes. Not only is her SUV her third, but she actually named her daughter Mercedes. But when she was driving recently, Bandin says her Mercedes had trouble.

"One day out of the blue we went to go eat and it didn't start," she said.

It turns out a small computer chip found inside the ignition key stopped working and, as a result, Bandin can't start her car. She went to have a new key made but was told the car had reached its limit in copies.

Apparently, Mercedes has an eight-key limit on this particular model and she was told that getting a ninth computer-chip key would be impossible.

But there was one option. She was told the company could replace the security system and all the locks in the car, and computer for only $3,500."

Bandin was floored. After all, she only paid $4,000 for the vehicle.

So, 3 On Your Side got in touch with Schumacher Mercedes in Scottsdale and told them about Bandin's situation. They agreed to look into the matter and they are currently working with Mercedes to see if another key can possibly be located.

In the meantime, Bandin's car is stuck in the garage unable to be started.

"There's got to be a way around it, there's got to be a way," Bandin said.

One of the managers over at Schumacher said that he's been in the business for 20 years and said this is a very, very rare problem.

3 On Your Side is following this story and will bring you any updates.