Neighbor saves Sun City man after truck falls on him

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SUN CITY -- A Sun City man owes his life to his neighbor after a truck he was working on fell on him, pinning him underneath.

It happened shortly after 7:30 Tuesday morning at a home in the area of 107th Avenue south of Grand Avenue (U.S. 60).

Vernon Wyatt said his neighbor, a man in his 60s, was working on this truck when it slid off the ramps it was on, trapping him.

The victim's arm was crushed. A portion his chest was caught beneath the truck's tire, as well.

Another man was there at the time, but was unable to help the victim on his own.

"The guy said, 'I can't get the truck up off of him,'" Wyatt said.

Wyatt, who recently had a stroke and underwent heart surgery, got behind the truck and pushed it off his neighbor.

Wyatt was so concerned about his friend, he said he didn't even think about his medical condition. While he might have saved his neighbor's life, Wyatt doesn't consider  himself a hero.

"I just did what anybody would do," he said.

Aerial video from the scene showed paramedics taking the victim to a medical helicopter that landed at a nearby golf course. He was flown to St. Joseph's Hospital. The man's condition was not immediately available, but he was able to tell Wyatt to lock up the house and contact his wife.