Weather to blame for massive I-10 pile-up involving 70 cars

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PHOENIX - Mother Nature caused serious car crashes involving dozens of vehicles on Interstate 10 Saturday evening.

The wreck shut down the freeway for hours. About 70 cars were involved in the massive pile-up on I-10 and 7th Street.

The collisions took place at about 6 p.m. when a huge storm moved through the area, reportedly reducing drivers’ visibility to almost nothing.

The pile-up began on westbound I-10 at the 7th Street tunnel and the cars, one-by-one, continued to smash into one another for almost 2 miles all the way to 16th Street.

Officials say they evaluated almost 40 people. Six people were taken to area hospital and 3TV is told one only person was seriously injured.

Others involved reportedly suffered from cardiac problems, asthma and 3TV has learned a pregnant woman had to be transported to a medical center.

Capt. Jonathan Jacobs, with the Phoenix Fire Department, explains, “It started at 16th Street and you gotta remember that people are calling in on 911 and it’s a major untertaking for us to start getting those vehicles and move down there. Within 20 minutes we had crews all the way down the two-mile stretch.”

In just a matter of minutes, 20 fire trucks and 10 ambulances arrived on scene. The ramp in that area was re-opened at about 10 p.m.