Thomas: I owe it to supporters to wait until all votes counted

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PHOENIX – Former Maricopa county attorney Andrew Thomas says he has new hope that he will win the republican nomination for state attorney general.

Thomas says he himself thought Friday could be his last day in politics but it turns out he is not throwing in the towel just yet.

He trails his opponent Tom Horne by 485 votes as of Friday night but says he will wait until every single vote is counted. He admits, “I began the day planning life after politics.”

While Friday morning his opponent for the GOP nomination for attorney general held a 1,200 vote lead, as of Friday night that lead has been more than cut in half.

Horne says, “It was a surprise because there were pretty constant trends.”

Superintendant of Public Instruction Tom Horne tells 3TV he was told Thursday night that Thomas would concede the race but Thomas faced the television cameras Friday to say he owes it to his supporters to press on.

“I think it would be disloyal on my part to the voters who voted for me to do anything but wait for the votes to be counted.”

Statewide now 3,200 early ballots are still to be counted and another 20,000 provisional ballots must be verified.

Horne says, “The only thing that matters now are the provisional ballots, historically those fall under the same percentages as the votes on election day, and on election day in Maricopa County I won by 3,000 votes so the probability is I will hold on to the lead.”

The secretary of state's office has until Tuesday to process all of the ballots and Thomas vows to hold out until every last vote is counted.

The race is so close that there is the potential for a recount, but only if the two candidates end up separated by 200 votes or less. Whoever prevails will go on to face democratic nominee Felicia Rotellini in the general election.