Pro skateboarder helps local fan who fought attacker overcome fears

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX - A lot of times when people meet their heroes, they end up disappointed but one Valley boy sure didn't.

His hero is a professional skateboarder who just happened to be the perfect guy to talk with about what has been going on in his life.

He was skateboarding to school two weeks ago when a stranger tried to kidnap him. The boy tells 3TV, “He walks up to me, grabs my shoulder and says ‘Get in the car’."

One moment changed everything for the 4th grader and once-avid skateboarder.

He admits, “I thought ‘What am I gonna do? And at the same time thought ‘Oh my god I'm dead’….My dad said my board’s my weapon so I'm like ‘I’ll use it’ he turned around and I swung."

The skateboard did its job and the boy managed to get away but police confiscated his brand new board as evidence.

The boy admits, “Since that happened I feel like I can't trust anyone." His mom also says he has not even wanted to skateboard.

Professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek happens to be the boy’s hero and he also happens to be in town this week for a big skateboarding competition so 3TV set up a meeting.

Dyrdek told the boy skateboarding is a glorious thing and showed him the ropes at the event.

The two also talked about the terrifying incident of two weeks ago. The 9-year old received a brand new board signed by the pros, a hat and front row seats to the upcoming show, all courtesy of Dyrdek.

The boy now tells 3TV, “I'm going to try to skateboard as much as I can."

Dyrdek let the 4th grader know, “I think you're a little hero you know what I mean."