Hotline: Saturday, Aug. 28

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Vital Solutions, MD
Scottsdale: 480-477-6334
Mesa: 480-289-3690

Home Smart
Jody Bodeau & Dave Synodis

Lincoln One Tank Trip

Rain Nutrition
Rain Nutrition is expanding in Arizona, the country & world. Rain Nutrition is hosting 2 seminars this Saturday at 1p & 3 pm.  To learn about benefits of Rain Nutrition, email or call 480-518-2071

Dr. Armity Simon

Healthy Trim or call 1-800-456-TRIM

Rossmar & Graham
Rossmar & Graham offers homeowner's associations in Arizona more options in the current difficult economic climate. Visit or call 480-551-4301 for more information

Southwest Dental
For more information call the Periodontal Hotline at 480-788-7880or visit

Granite Transformations
(623) 581-5056
(480) 222-2022

Freedom Debt dot com