Brewer 1070 brief; SB 1070 and tourism

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Governor Jan Brewer's lawyers plan to file the first brief in their appeal of a ruling that put the most controversial parts of the law on hold. Brewer will ask the court of appeals to lift that ruling, handed down by judge Susan Bolton last month.

The governor's office accuses bolton of basing her ruling on the federal government's speculation it would be harmed by the law.


At the second bi-national forum on tourism and commerce at the Doubletree Hotel, members from the U.S. and Mexico discussed what they've been experiencing ever since Senate Bill 1070 went into effect.

"These troubling times are not only hurting us on the perception," said VP of Mexico Marketing and Community Affairs Felipe Garcia.  "That perception is hurting our businesses so how thats the purpose of this meeting."

The group focused on over-coming the negative images the controversial bill created.