Learn how you can get the best health care possible

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Do you know what to expect from your doctor when it comes to getting the best care possible?

Dr. Armity Simon, a Valley obstetrician and gynecologist who's been practicing for 20 years, explains how she can offer her patients more than just yearly well-woman exams. "I tell my patients, 'Use us as a tool to make sure that you empower yourself to take better care of yourself,'" Simon said.

The doctor explains how she talks to her younger patients -- those in the teens and early 20s -- about STD screenings and HPV.

"As our patients get older and start to think about having kids, our goal is to empower them to have healthy pregnancies," Simon said. "We want to make sure we understand where they're coming from, their genetic background."

More than just handling a woman's reproductive needs, Simon said her office also looks after her patients in terms of cholesterol levels, bone density, and heart-lung exams.

"I really want to make my patients become the squeaky wheel so they will get the best health care that there is out there," she said.

There are also a variety of procedures Simon offers in her office, including tubal ligations and ablations.

"While the procedures have been around for years, the technology has developed so we can do these procedures in the office under light sedation," Simon explained.

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