Renter's tax protest; No AG nominees; Kolbe supports dem candidate

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There was a protest Thursday against an initiative on the November ballot.

Dozens of people rallied outside of the main Tucson fire station to protest the proposed renter's tax.

The group gathered there to confront the city of Tucson's core tax committee as they entered the building and they say they'll keep showing up as long as they have to.

"When city council is getting ready to vote on this we will definitely be speaking with them, lobbying," said renter's tax protester Kim Fitch.  "It's extremely unfair."

The group says the committee is meeting to discuss a plan "B" if the measure fails in November.


No winners been declared yet in the high-profile primary elections for Arizona Attorney General.

On the democratic side, Felecia Rotellini is almost 1300 votes ahead of David Lujan. Republicans tom Horne and Andrew Thomas are still neck-and-neck. Horne is leading by fewer than five hundred votes.

Election officials hope to have the last 100,00 ballots counted by Friday. However, if the final tally has a gap of less than 200-votes between candidates, there will be a mandatory recount.


The man who won the democratic nomination for State Treasurer on Tuesday -- has reached out to the republican side for help.

Andrei Cherny introduced his new endorser and head of his campaign for State Treasurer, former republican U.S. Representative, Jim Kolbe.

The two made the announcement official at the Hotel Congress earlier Friday.

"I think it's important at this stage in our states history that we find the very best talent, the most capable and that's why I'm here today to support Andrei Cherny," said Kolbe.

Cherny will take on the GOP candidate Doug Ducey in November.