Ironman has backup plan if Tempe Town Lake isn't ready for event

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- Work is under way to repair the dam at now-drained Tempe Town Lake. Plans are to have the repairs completed and the lake refilled by early November, just in time for Ironman Arizona.

As Javier Soto explains, there is a backup plan if Tempe Town Lake isn't ready for the event even though  city officials say everything is moving along right on schedule.

Cranes lowered the first of four 40-ton rubber bladders into place earlier this week. Crews are now working to install that bladder, a process that should take about two weeks for each of the bladders. While three of the bladders have already arrived the four will not be here until October.

The dam burst the night of July 20, emptying nearly 1 billion gallons of water out of the urban lake and down the Salt River channel through Phoenix and beyond.

Ironman officials said they have contingency plans for all of their events. In Arizona's case, one option would be for the triathletes to swim at Saguaro Lake and then bike to Tempe to finish the race.