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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Llynn Adler, Chair, Alan Maness, Vice-Chair, Divorce Recovery board of directors.

Almost without exception, research suggests that both marriage and divorce rates tend to fall when the economy heads south and then rise when good times return. The most common explanation for the tendency of recessions to inhibit family formation and dissolution is fairly simple: both are expensive.

Maness says one of the things he’s seeing as a group leader here is that people seem to be remaining in the “transitional” stage of a break-up longer.   He says the emotional separation takes effect pretty quickly, but due to economic challenges involved with complete physical separation, people are slower to complete that phase. 

Adler says the divorce rate locally remains pretty constant.  She says that may be due to fewer marriages and more people just living together.  She says, either way, when close relationships end, the process is the same. 

Maness says DR provides support and education to individuals and families through, and after, the breakup.  He says all groups are led by trained volunteers and the weekly groups sessions are free. He says the focus of the groups is to provide the way for people to tell their story and develop relationships that will halp them through the divorce process to a point where they can accept the “loss” and begin moving on the a new “beginning.”