Giffords and Kelly already at odds

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The primary is over and already the gloves are coming off in the race for Arizona's congressional District 8.

Strong words Wednesday between democratic incumbent Gabrielle Giffords and surprise republican challenger Jesse Kelly.

Less then 24-hours after Jesse Kelly's win in the primary and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords already attacking Kelly's stance on social security.

"It's exactly what we are expecting from Gabrielle Giffords," said republican congressional nominee Jesse Kelly.  "She's going to try and distort things that I have said about other issues in the past. To try and distract record from her partisan and liberal agenda that's harming this economy."

Giffords claims Kelly's plan is to eliminate social security.

We have a lot of seniors a lot folks that have grown old here or have retired here. Depending on social security is critical for them," said Congresswoman Giffords. "But privatization of social security and gambling on the stock market is a risk frankly we can't afford."

Kelly believes that the social security system is going broke.

"In order to fulfill our promises and protect the people who are on social security, said nominee Kelly.  "We need to do more things to reform it so future generations are not paying into this massive Ponzi scheme run by the federal government."

Each candidate has a plan to change the system.

"One of the things we need to look at, of course, making sure we have enough of an employment base, to make sure income is flowing in," said Giffords.

"I support Paul Ryan's America's road map, it guarantees the benefits for people currently on it, while giving future generations the options to accept it," said Kelly.

As for the November general election, "We're confident we are going to win decisively in November," said Kelly.   "Really the choice couldn't be clear between myself and Mr. Kelly and the voters will be hearing the differences between the two of us," said Giffords.