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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Dr. Julia Cole, a climate scientist in the Dept. of Geosciences at the University of Arizona. Dr. Cole is also a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Recent Tragedies such as catastrophic oil spills and tragic coal mine disasters highlight the need for a new, clean energy future. The Union of Concerned Scientists has launched a national advertising campaign to showcase the dedication and personal histories of scientists studying climate change.

Dr. Cole says recently, climate science has become a political football. She says organized interests try to delay actions that would reduce heat-trapping emissions. She says as a geologist, she tracks climate change “underground.” She says by exploring some of the limestone caves southeast of Tucson, she has found that the stalagmites on the caves are an “archive” of climate changes over time. She says the composition of the stalagmites varies from wet to dry periods in history. She says comparing data from caves elsewhere in the world, you can track the movement of storms.

Regarding the UCS ad campaign, Dr. Cole says the objective is to show that scientists are really just “people,” with a curiosity about their environment. She says it is hoped that children will pick up on this sense of curiosity and become scientists themselves. She says it is also hoped that with a better understanding of “scientists,” the public will take a more serious interest in global warming and take measures to reduce it.