Beautiful butt-blasters

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Last week, we had such a great response from our viewers that I wanted to continue on common trouble areas.  Last week we learned how to combat our lower arm flab in “Bye Bye Birdie…Flaps!”  Today, we’re going to get down and dirty with some kick-butt workouts designed to tighten and tone an area that wishes could see the light of day!

Before we begin our workout, keep in mind that the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings make up some of the largest muscles in the body.  Working these large muscles forces the body to use a massive amount of energy which equates to maximum calories burned.  Not so much my female clients but males listen up!  Those of you, who do not work your legs because you only care about your “show muscles,” as I like to call the arms and chest, are limiting your ability to capitalize on total calorie burn.  Adding legs into your routine can make or break the reduction of those fluffy love handles and that bustling beer gut!  And ladies, if you feel that cardio alone is all you need to do to work those legs, think again.  Remember that with cardio, you only burn calories while you’re doing it.  Cardio alone will burn calories by increasing your heart rate, not by the breakdown of tissue which lasts for days.  With the breakdown of muscle tissue, not only will you be burning calories while you do it, but you’ll be burning calories for days while your muscles repair themselves!  I don’t know about you, but I’ll take burning calories at rest any day over having to actually work at it! 

So here we go and pay attention, for we’re about to begin so make a decision!  You know you want to so jump on board, to create this after picture and throw away the before!  You’re in good hands for you’re going to learn, how to work those quads and glutes till we feel the burn.  We’ll keep on going until we’re out of steam, till all we’re left with is a beautiful me!  Bye bye blubber butt once and for all!   

Burpie (full body warm-up)                                                                                       
• Start in the standing position
• Drop down kicking both legs behind until in upright pushup position
• Complete one pushup
• Pull legs back under body then jump as high as you can into the air
• Repeat 10 to 20 times

Single Leg Squat (for balance and core)
• Stand on a step 3 to 12 inches high on one leg
• With hands on hips and core drawn in, slowly squat down on the one supported leg
• Reach as far as possible to the front, side or rear with unsupported straight leg
• Touch unsupported toe to ground keeping all body weight on opposite bent leg
• Repeat for 8 to 12 repetitions for both sides
• Complete 3 to 5 total sets

Military Squat (muscle burnout)
• Begin by bending over at the waist and holding on to your calves
• Keeping your hands on your calves at all times, squat down as far as you can
• Come back to upright position being sure not to lock out your knees
• Continue at a fast pace for 1 to 2 minutes
• Complete 3 to 5 sets