Payson couple says they need help getting their damaged car fixed

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A Payson man and his wife say their car was damaged from a rock that fell from a dump truck. So, they contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

The rock was about the size of bowling ball and it almost went right through the windshield.

Now, John Gould, the car's owner says he just wants his car fixed.

"You just froze, you see it coming, what am I going to do with this thing where is it going to go."

John says when he looks at pictures of his car, he considers himself pretty lucky.

"I seen it coming, I seen it coming, the truck was coming and I could not avoid."

John says while traveling in a construction zone back in October a truck carrying boulders dropped one of those big rocks, leaping across his hood and into his windshield.

"The rock came off the back of the truck, it spun, it was about that jagged. It spun, it hit and put a big dint here in this spot right here (points to hood) and put a hole in the hood."

John says he tried to stop at the scene to make a police report but because of the traffic backup, it was difficult. So, he drove to the nearest police station and made a report.


Now John has a zero deductable windshield coverage so his insurance company bought him a new windshield but John fixed his hood himself, he knocked out the dents and re-painted it but John admits he didn't do a very good job. That's why he wants a new hood.

John mailed in estimates to the contractor that reportedly lost the boulder, a company called "Bison Contracting" located in Phoenix. But the company told John they were not responsible.

So, 3 On Your Side went to Bison Contracting and talked to the owner, Jim Johnson.

"Everybody wants a free sandwich," says Johnson.

Jim tells us people blame companies like his all the time, looking for money for damages that weren't his fault. He added that it's hard to prove his company actually caused the damage to John's car because police were never called.

Still, after talking with 3 On Your Side, Jim said he would meet john half way on a resolution.

"Find out what his deductible is. I might have a change of heart and pay his deductible. I'm not saying it's not my fault, I'm not saying it is," says Johnson.

Bison Contracting was great to work with but here's the funny part, after I got these two guys talking it turns out, they actually know each other. They're acquaintances. As a result, Bison Contracting cut a check for $1,200 so John could get a new hood.