PCC tuition struggles

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As we get ready for another school year at Pima Community College. And even though enrollment is up, they're facing a rise in challenges to keep tuition low.

The school year kicks off tomorrow for Pima Community College, but plenty of students were on campus today getting ready for classes to begin.

"Every fall is very exciting to see the students coming back," says Roy Flores.

And Pima keeps seeing more and more of them walking through their doors thanks to the economy.

"Last year we were up 11% in Fall and 11% in the Spring.  A lot of that enrollment growth was during by people who were laid off and they're in their thirty's and forty's."

While enrollment is up, challenges are coming their way in forms of budget cuts from the state.

"We have a major stumbling block coming up and that is our funding. The state has reduced our funding by 33% in the last 3 years."

And while the school is known for cheaper classes more than it's counterpart across town, figuring out how to keep the prices low will be difficult.

"We're gonna have to continue to tighten our belt. I dont know how much more we can do without curtailing the number of courses."

The chancelor says that the average age of students has changed just in the past year. Where they are used to seeing a lot of 30-year-olds, that number is being pushed up by the amount of 40-year-olds going back to school.