Race for attorney general too close to call

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PHOENIX -- While most of the major races in Arizona were decided before midnight, one big race is still too close to call this morning. Separated by just a few hundred votes, Tom Horne and Andrews Thomas are still running neck and neck for the Republican nomination for attorney general. (Check live results)

The campaign has been a nasty one, marked by attack ads from both sides.

Last night, Thomas led by a few percentage points. This morning, Horne has pulled to a slim lead -- less than 400 votes -- as ballots continue to be counted.

The race is also tight on the Democrats' side.

Felecia Rotellini had the early lead, but David Lujan has pulled within about 1,400 votes. (Check live results)

It could be Friday before we know whose names are going to be on the November ballot.

The Maricopa County Recorder's office is still counting several thousand early ballots picked up from various polling places, as well as provisional ballots.

County Elections Director Karen Osborne says under the law, the County Recorder must also hand count 23 precincts.

With the races being this close, a mandatory recount could be possible.

According to the Voter Integrity Project, Arizona requires an automatic recount when the margin between two candidates is fewer than 200 votes or 1/10 of a percentage point.

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