Mesa mom arrested; Baby found home alone amongst pot

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MESA, Ariz. – Police say a Mesa mother left her sleeping baby at home so she could drive her boyfriend to work and child abuse is not the only charge she is facing.

It started with a traffic stop and ended with police officers feeding and cleaning an 8-month-old baby who had been left at home alone surrounded by marijuana and other drug paraphernalia.

Police puller over 27-year-old Melissa Williams on Friday night for driving with a broken windshield and detained her after smelling marijuana in the car. After further investigation, police discovered Williams was also driving with a suspended license.

When police arrested Williams she told them her baby girl was alone at home and that she had left the baby to drive her boyfriend to work.

Police went to her 5th Avenue apartment where they reportedly found marijuana right under the baby's bassinet and the little girl in distress.

Sgt. Ed Wessing says, “The officers who were there said they could hear the baby screaming from outside the apartment. They made entry and ended up changing and feeding the baby.”

That child is now under the care of Child Protective Services. Williams remains in jail and is charged with possession of marijuana, child neglect and driving with a suspended license.