Teen thought to be dead finally showing signs of recovery

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX – Her family was once told she died after a horrible medical mix-up but now a Valley teen is very much alive and showing serious signs of hope.

It has been a long recovery that is still ongoing. In fact, Abby Guerra's family was initially told she only had a 5 percent chance of ever even opening her eyes but she has done, is breathing on her own and now she's talking.

The blog is called “Abby's Fight for Life” and it chronicles 19-year-old Guerra's road to recovery at St Joe's Hospital.

Guerra, along with four other Ironwood High School graduates, crashed and rolled in an SUV on Interstate 10 after a trip to Disneyland.

Initially the family was told Guerra was dead but six days later they learned she was alive and it was her 21-year-old friend Marlena Cantu who had died instead.

Marlena's family found out they had been at the wrong bedside. Her mother told 3TV, “They came back and they just said ‘We are sorry’ that was not my daughter, my daughter was in the morgue."

Abby's father reacted to the news his daughter was still alive. He said, “The only thing I want is she get well and I want her back."

According to the blog dated August 21, Guerra is doing just that. She is now talking. Her first word was "hi" and she went on to say "mom" and "hi dad." She even wrote "mom" on a piece of paper.

The blog reads family members reacted with joy, relief and excitement.

Guerra had severe head trauma and has undergone several surgeries but 3TV was told last week doctors transferred her from the Intensive Care Unit to the Neuro Unit.