Tucson middle school takes community approach

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A local middle school is taking a revolutionary approach to getting parents involved in their child's education. Monday night was the grand opening of the Apollo community school.

The Apollo Middle School on Tucson's south side is bringing the entire family into the classroom.

"I think once they see what we're doing they're going to be sold," Principal ray Chavez heads up the new community school.

"Dad is involved in the school, mom's involved in the school, his brothers and sisters are involved in the school, that child is going to be more involved in the school," Chavez says Apollo campus will re-open in the evenings and the programs there will be unique because educators encourage parents to learn and grow alongside their children.

"It's something for the family to get together and do," Cindy Mejias is excited about the new exercise facility, and getting information on nutrition.  "And help us get fit, you know fitness, lose weight hopefully."

Parents can also take classes in the computer room, to learn various programs or hone their resume-writing skills. All while students get a boost on their studies,

"I've been tutoring students since I've been here and I brought one kid's grade up from a D to a B," says an Apollo student.

It sounds expensive but according to Chavez, the community school is the result of a cost-efficient collaboration, "Social services that are interested in the community they're most of where the funding is coming from some of it they're applying for a grant, some of it's already existing money they're just transferring to this place."

It's a school model that's been researched and planned with input from 400 surveys filled out by local families. Excitement and hopes for the project-- are very high.

The community school will be open starting at 5:30 Monday through Thursday nights.