University of Arizona students back, traffic warnings follow

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The University of Arizona officially kicked off its 125th year of classes this morning. And that means a lot more cars, bikes and people in midtown.

The students are back, enrollment is up and so are the number of student-driver accidents the UAPD has to deal with.


Students agree, the relationship pedestrians and cyclists have with motorists is a rocky one. An incident with a driver a week ago is proof of that.

But it's not always the driver's fault. With a lot of new people in town, and so much going on, students can cause a lot of the problems.  "Jaywalkers a big problem. I feel a lot of the studnets don't really care. They kind of have their own world and walk walking across the street," says Sophmore Parker Janeck.

Now that another school year is beginning, uapd is asking everyone to pay attention and to play nice.