Election preview

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Tuesday is primary election day in Arizona. Party nominations for Governor, the United States Senate and many more are up for grabs. And already, election officials are expecting a low turnout.

Many folks will hit the polls Tuesday while some won't have to worry about the long lines. They have taken the easy road, early voting.

"To save me a trip up to Mt. Lemon, because I am registered up in Mt. Lemon and fortunate I can come here and save that trip," says a voter.

"I don't have time for that for one thing, this way, I know I have got it done and its out of the way and its been taking care of," says another Tucson voter.

But it seems many people who receive early voting ballots didn't take the time to fill them out.

"I think the recorder has sent out approximately 150,000 early ballots, so people have them, but I believe at this point in time we only have a little less than half of them mailed in. So that's a little bit of a surprise."

The recorders' office believes it could be a number of things that has caused a low turn out for early voting.

One being the primary election date is changed from past years.

Another is people might be busy with back to school.

"The other factor is we believe its the very negative campaigning that occurring on with both of the major parties.  And they're not necessarily talking about the issues, there talking about the personal lives and personalities of the individual candidates."

So if you can get pass the negative ads and the end of summer heat. There's still time to hand in the early ballots.

"If they have their early ballots, don't drop it off in the mail today or certainly not tomorrow."

"They can drop it off at any polling place in Pima County."

In fact one of these envelops and these ballots may help you cut the lines at tomorrow's primary election.

"They don't have to wait in line at all, just walk in and tell the poll worker, you have already voted your ballot, you've got it in an envelope you just want to deposit with them. There will be a blue box with a big slot in the top of it they'll ask you to drop it in there and away you go."

The polls are open from 6 A.M. to 7 P.M.