Back-to-school beauty tips for moms and daughters

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As I watched my daughter scurry out of the car one busy school morning, I noticed that the back of her hair was in tangles.  I had agreed to let her style her own 9-year-old mane, but I didn't realize that she had only combed through the front of her strands.  I also caught a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror and realized that I hadn't done a thing to get ready for the day either.  So, I wondered what beauty products and helpful hair accessories we could try to get us out the door fast, but looking somewhat put together.  Read on to see what we found.  We try before you buy.

Makeup Wakeup Tricks For Mom
For a quick and natural look, I have several go to products.  I start with a good moisturizer, followed by a quick foundation application.  I finish up with a bit of blush, pink lip gloss, mascara and a mist spray to give me a dewy and soft look.  If I have a few extra minutes beyond that, I will do a bit of eyeliner.  This combination gives me some coverage, but I maintain a natural look that can be done fast.  

I have a busy mom friend that swears by a product line called Shaklee.  She especially loves the Enfusellie Time Repair A.M. SPF 15 wrinkle treatment.  I was so intrigued with her excitement that I did some research on the company and I liked what I read.  Shaklee products are non toxic.  The time repair cream is hypo allergenic and paraben free.  I looked up the Shaklee line at, a site that rates product ingredients by their toxicity.  Shaklee had all green 1's, which is the best rating.  Unfortunately, the downside is the cost.  My friend's beloved serum will run you about $55, but I tried it and I agree, I loved it.  I would definitely add this to my quick beauty routine in the hectic mornings.

Hair Help For Moms & Daughters
Sporting long hair is pretty on my daughter, but takes some time and effort.  An easy and pretty ponytail is quick to do, but keeping all the flyaway strands down was a challenge.  So, we went shopping for hair stuff to see which items worked fast and truly kept her hair in place all day.   Here is a rundown of what we found and how we rate the items….

got2b Glossy Anti-Frizz Shine Serum -- 4.2 oz. bottle for $5.49 at Walgreens -- Not only did those little flyaway strands popping out from my daughter's pony tail bug me, but she was so discouraged that she tried cutting them out!  Yes, she did that to my dismay!  So, I was determined to find a product that would give her the perfect pony like we see Ji Lo sport.  My Walgreen's beauty consultant swears by a little bottle of serum that she says goes a long way.  The got2b Glossy Shine Serum comes in a small bottle, but a tiny dab puts those hairs in their place.  She warned me to only use a tiny bit or your hair will look greasy.  We tried some on my kid's pony tail and we both gave it a thumbs up, even after several hours of school-aged play.

Goody StayPut Headbands - set of two for $4 -- This headband looks typical on the outside, but has an elastic strip hidden underneath that keeps the band from slipping off her head.  My daughter gives the Goody StayPut Hold head band a thumbs up.  However, we must warn you that this band fits and feels tight, but that is one reason that it stays put, just like the label says. 

Goody Ouchless Flex Head Band - one band for $3.99 -- With a contoured shape for a custom fit and flexible tips, this band does it all.  It keeps the hair in place, but does not feel too tight like the StayPut headband.  With flexible tips on each end, users won't feel the pressure points and discomfort caused by other bands made with the traditional tips.  This was my favorite headband for both myself and for my daughter.

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin - set of two for $5.99 --Sold at Target and drug stores, this hair contraption looks like one long twisted bobby pin, but performs like 20 pins.  I was skeptical for sure, but found the spin pin to actually work, but with some practice.  Most updo accessories don't do the trick, but the spin pin did hold up an updo.  Users form a bun and then twist one spin pin up and the other spin pin down to secure the hair.  Both my daughter and I say the spin pin is a hair win.

Fun Flower Power - one flower head band for $9.99 -- Although pricy for a head band, I love Target's collection of floral head bands for kids.  Not only does the head band stay in, but the decorative flower that is placed off to the side of the band is truly adorable on my 8-year-old's long hair.  Short styles can also wear the band and Target has some flowers that match dresses so you can get a complete look for less at Target.  With the ease and quick fix capability of this head band, I give it a thumbs up for kids.

Magnetic Flower Pins- one magnetic flower pin for $14.99 at SteinMart -- Bright colored flowers placed over a pony tail, barrette or braid are all the rage on girls this season and I love this look.  Stein Mart sells a variety of flowers for hair that are held together by a magnet instead of a clip.  Both my daughter and I love this contraption because it is quick, stays in place and looks good.  Plus the pins can be worn on clothing, too. 

Del Sol Hair Clips - set of four clips for $7.99 at Walgreen's -- If your daughter has lost interest in keeping her hair nicely styled, these are the clips for you.  Del Sol hair clips are simple white floral designed barrettes that not only hold hair tightly, but change color in the sunlight.  Each clip is clear indoors, but changes into purple, pink or coral once under the sunlight.  These cool clips have saved the day as my daughter and I now agree that styling her hair out of her face is fun, practical and stylish.

Here's hoping that one of the above items will lessen your school morning stress and keep your beauty and life on a budget.  I wish you and yours a wonderful and low stress school year!