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Q. Any time I look, I can’t seem find anything I have saved in my folders. Is there any way to have files arranged other than alphabetically?

A. When you open a folder, there are several ways you can view its contents. The different ways you can view files and folders are called, not surprisingly, Views. Let’s take a look at the Folder View options using the Documents folder, so double-click to open the folder, then click View in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Depending on the version of Windows you’re using, you will have most or all of the following View options:

Thumbnails: This view is particularly useful when working with photographs and will display a small version of each photo. Double-click a thumbnail photo to enlarge it. This view provides an easy way to preview many photos without having to manually open and close each individual file, which can be exhausting.

Tiles, Icons, & List: These three views are all variations of the same view. The only real difference is the size and configuration of the file icons on screen. Give each one a try to see what it looks like.

Details: This is the view that I use for all files and folders other than photographs. The Details view provides the most information of any view, including the name, the size of each file, the type of file, and the date each file was last modified.

What I particularly like about the Details view is that I can sort files by each of the column headings, meaning by Name, Size, Date and Type. To do this, simply click a column heading. To reverse sort, click it a second time. For example, to sort files by size, click the Size column heading and the files will be sorted from smallest size to largest. Click the Size column heading a second time and the files will be sorted from largest to smallest. I can spend hours entertaining myself in this manner.

Q. Is there any way to save Web pages for future viewing? I don't mean just bookmarking them, but rather saving a copy of the actual page or site to view later. Does this make any sense at all?

A. Yes, it does, and yes, there is a way to do that, by using the service. This Web site presents a new way to save Web pages. If, for example, you’re away from your home or office computer and you discover a Web site that you would like to revisit at a later time, with the free service you can take a snapshot of the Web page, then email it to any address you choose. Of course, you could also copy the URL and either email it to yourself or stick it in your pocket for future reference, but if you prefer a software solution, will get the job done.

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