Some voters anxious for primary election

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There's no time left to mail in your ballot and little time left to make-up your mind about candidates.  And many voters are anxious.

Whether they've already mailed in their ballots, "I've been voting by mail for a year and a half now and i really like the convenience of it."

Or gearing up to head to the polls, "I'm going to do it in person."

Voters say there's a lot riding on this primary election.

"I'm thinking about what everyone else is thinking about in Arizona, border security," says one Tucson voter.  "The economy is really in sad shape right now and we need someone in there to help us out with that," expresses another.

For the past few months people have been watching the debates, and TV ads, and reading the mailers to learn about the candidates. Some say they know exactly who has their vote, "Predominantly based on party lines."

Others haven't made up their mind yet, and many who can, haven't cast their vote early.

According to Pima County Recorder Ann Rodriguez, only about 30% of voters have mailed in their ballots. That's down from the typical return rate of 85%.

"People in other countries would literally give their left arm to do what we do and things we take for granted as far as voting goes."

People who still have an early ballot can no longer mail it in. Instead, they need to turn it in to any polling place by 7:00 Tuesday night. Until then, voters anxiously await the results.

"Hopefully we see a good change of candidates that get in and are able to do what we want them to do," says one voter.

Polls will be open from 6:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. on Tuesday. Click here to find your voting location.