Credit union employee accused of stealing identities: How to protect yourself

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Experts at IdentityTheft911 provide you with the following tips on how to protect yourself from identity theft:

Credit Monitoring Services
•    Monitors changes in your credit file such as creation of new accounts and changes to address on your file
•    Provides alerts of these changes via E-mail so that you are aware of them right away
•    Numerous providers of credit monitoring out there but check to see if your bank or credit union offers this service
•    Credit monitoring is also available via the three major credit bureaus as well

Fraud/Public Records Monitoring Services
•    Monitors the use of your personal information outside of the context of your credit file
•    Looks at public data bases like criminal court filings, civil court filings, MVD records, etc.
•    Provides consumers with alerts on how their personal information is being misused outside of the credit context for example in the commission of a crime in your name.
•    Increasingly available from the same providers that provide credit monitoring

Obtain FREE copies of your credit report on your own
• is the ONLY free credit report site
•    The bureaus are legally required to provide you with one free report per year via
•    Only provides a report, not your “credit score”, but allows you to look for any suspicious activity

Tips regarding credit or fraud monitoring
•    Shop around, prices vary greatly for the same offering.  Be price sensitive but also go with a provider you recognize (the credit bureaus, your bank, etc.)
•    make sure you are receiving triple bureau monitoring so that all three bureaus are being monitored
•    helps to spot fraud as well as simple reporting errors.

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