Fires displace Tucson-area families

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Tucson firefighters had their hands full with an apartment fire Wednesday night. It happened inside a 2nd floor apartment at the Mohave Apartments near 1st Avenue and Prince Road. Firefighters say one person was displaced by the flames. Crews were able to keep the fire contained to a single unit.

And a house fire that was first ruled an arson, now investigators say they don't know. But what is for sure is a house fire in Marana Tuesday night left a mom and her two kids without a place to stay for a while.

"I was in my living room watching TV and one of the neighbors came in my door was unlocked he opened the door and told me my next door neighbors house was on fire,"  Frank Castaneda has lived in his Marana neighborhood for 4 years.  "It was just engulfed ya know, the tires started popping, gas went up."

Northwest Fire responded to the house about 7:30 Tuesday night, after neighbors across the street heard a loud boom that made their windows shake.

The woman and her two children were still inside the house and neighbors pounded on their door to get them out. When fire fighters arrived, the garage and car inside were enveloped in 10-15 foot flames.

"They made a very quick and aggressive attack on that fire and kept it from spreading very far into the home," explains Adam.

"Investigators say there's at least $50,000 and the car is obviously a total loss," says Brian.

Now investigators will try to determine what and who started the fire. At first Northwest Fire announced it was arson, but later they changed that status to undetermined. But what is for sure is...

"When I saw the flames, I knew it was bad," says Frank.

It took more than 20 minutes to get the fire out after the first initial call came in to 911. One fighter was transported to the hospital for minor smoke inhalation.