Puppy found badly burned wandering on Phoenix street

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PHOENIX - A Valley puppy may have been the target of a brutal attack.

A Valley animal hospital treating the little dog is trying to figure out what happened.

The puppy was found with severe burns on his body and officials at Bethany Animal Hospital in Phoenix believe it was no accident.

Ash is a pit mix roughly about 8 months old.

The veterinarians at Bethany Animal Hospital in Phoenix say Ash was found running down the street near 39th Avenue and Southern Avenue last week.

He's been burned on his back and legs, leading the hospital manager, Marci May, to believe someone probably dumped some sort of chemical or acid on him.

"Because of all the different locations he kind of would have had to roll almost in something but then I feel like if it were like that it would have also been along his sides and potentially down his abdomen," May said.

Ash made it out of surgery yesterday and is already starting to heal.

“We bandaged the area just for the night to help with the healing process and now it’s going to be keeping it clean,” May said.

May said only time will tell how Ash heals, but from the looks of his smile and energy so far so good.

If all goes well, Ash will be up for adoption in about six to eight weeks.

His care has cost more than $1,000 and Springerpaw Ranch in Tonopah is paying for his treatment.  For more information, visit springerpawranch.com