Mesa man arrested for stealing soldier's identity

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MESA, Ariz. - After a soldier serving in Iraq realized $6000 was missing from his bank account in Arizona, he immediately asked his mother to checking into his credit.

After discovering that he was in the process of purchasing a new truck, Richard Burke called the Mesa Police Department.

According to police, while Burke was away Richard Schrodt, 23, began using his identity.

Schrodt knew Burke from high school and knew he was away in Iraq.

Due to the fact they look very similar he was able to obtain a duplicate drivers license and assume Burke's identity.

The day Burke;s mother called the Nissan dealership, Schrodt was there taking delivery of the newly purchased truck. After she explained the situation, the management tried to stall Schrodt, but he became suspicious and fled from the dealership.

Detectives arrest Schrodt at his Mesa apartment on Monday morning.

As the Mesa police investigation continued they found Schrodt had rented the apartment under Burke's name too and even after the arrest Schrodt continued to insist he was Burke.

Fingerprints confirmed Schrodt's identity and he was booked on three counts of forgery and three counts of identity theft.