Suspect in 2001 murder finally extradited back to Phoenix

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By Natalie Rivers By Natalie Rivers

PHOENIX - Phoenix police finally have a 2001 murder and kidnapping suspect in their custody.

On December 14, 2001, Konstantin Simbery, 21, was kidnapped while on the phone with an undercover Phoenix police detective.

Simberg was found murdered two days later in Fossil Creek, Arizona.

Cell phone records were used to identify three suspects in the kidnapping and murder of the informat.

Dennis Tskoukanov and Chris Andrews were both tried and convicted for the crimes.

The third suspect, Mikhail Drahev, 27, has been on the run until three years ago when he was found hiding out in Canada.

The case aired on America's Most Wanted five separate times as "murder in the desert" and finally Canadian Mounted police found Drahev hiding in Toronto living under a false identity.

When Canadian police attempted to take Drahev into custody, he tried to repel from a building to flee.

After a three year battle over extradition, Drahev was finally transported to Sky Harbor where he was turned over to custody of Phoenix detectives in the FBI Violent Street Gang Task Force.

Drahev was booked into jail for murder and kidnapping.