Freeze your fat

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PHOENIX -- Looking for a different way to lose fat? There's a "cool" new way to trim down minus the surgery.

Carri Pecorella has done just about everything to get rid of the fat she has around her stomach.

"I think I may have been a kangaroo at some point because I have that little belly pouch and it doesn't go away no matter what," she said.

So Pecorella decided to get medical help to make the fat go away. She found it at Paradise Valley Dermatology where doctors are using a new state-of-the-art procedure called Zeltiq.

"When I saw this and it kind of said it was for somebody who was semi-fit and wasn't going to treat obesity, that's when I kind of went 'this can be exciting,'" she said.

Dr. Mark Blair said Zeltiq cools and eliminates fat cells without hurting the surrounding tissue. Doctors have seen success in getting rid of fat in the stomach but believe it can also help trim down other problem areas like your thighs.

Blair said the applicator has two cold plates on each side and that is where the freezing comes from.

"We put a little piece of gel cloth that helps protect the skin on top of the area we are going to treat and we apply the applicator and the applicator sucks the skin and fat tissue up into the applicator and the cooling plates on each side," he said.

"It actually crystallizes the fat cells and over time or a few weeks, the fat cells, because they crystallize and get damaged, scavenged cells from the body come in and eat up those damaged cells and take them away," Blair continued.

"You know when you're a kid and you take the vacuum and want to suck your arm into the vacuum? That's kind of what it was like, but cold," Pecorella said.

Blair said Zeltiq isn't for everyone.

"This isn't the cure-all," he said. "You still need to make sure proper diet and exercise can maintain that."

Patients can expect to see results in two to four months.

It's been almost a month since Pecorella had hers done and she says her clothes are fitting differently and it has definitely motivated her to go to the gym on a regular basis.

The cost of one treatment is $650.

For more information on Zeltiq at Paradise Valley Dermatology or Dr. Mark Blair, call 602-971-0950.