Drummer of anti-Meth band in Mesa stabbed in the neck

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MESA, Ariz. – Local band members who promote an anti-drug cause were attacked by a man who they say is a drug-user.

The drummer was stabbed in the neck during the attack after a concert this past weekend.

The band’s drummer spent several days in the hospital and has just been released. He discusses the attack with 3TV’s Jared Dillingham.

The stabbing took place following a B.O.R.G. set played on Friday night. While packing up their truck after the show they say a stranger approached them and started a fight before band members say he “sunk” a hunting knife into the drummer’s neck.

John Landato tells 3TV, “I remember telling my best friend, you know, tell my kids I love them. Tell my kids I love ‘em because I seriously thought I was gonna die. My vision kept going in and out.”

The band’s leader, Joe Terborg, says, “He was like coughing up cup-fulls of blood. It wasn’t just a little (makes coughing noise). I almost lost my drummer.”

The knife missed Landato’s major artery and windpipe.

Police quickly found and arrested Darrell Robertson, who witnesses say, was on drugs.

“I don’t know, “ admits Terborg. “I mean, you just can’t tell with people. He was pretty high.”

The band founded and now promotes Dads against Meth Use, a cause the members say seemed to rile up the suspect.

Terborg says, “He was basically saying ‘F-you. F this foundation. What the hell is this crap?”

The band says they will use the incident as a way to promote their anti-drug campaign.

Robertson is currently being held at the Fourth Avenue jail and faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon.