Tip to Phoenix police doesn't turn up prison escapee, accomplice

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PHOENIX - Credible sightings have dried up in the hunt for an Arizona prison escapee and his alleged accomplice. Police thought they had a legitimate tip that the couple was in North Phoenix today, but that turned out to be a false alarm.

Police surrounded the area near 43rd Avenue and Bell Road Monday afternoon assembling in a "Circle K" parking lot for a raid on a nearby apartment complex.

They were checking out an anonymous tip that John McCluskey and Casslyn Welch were in a nearby apartment complex.

"We've been looking for these folks quite a long time we haven't had a sighting in quite a few days and regardless of that when we get a tip like that we have to respond and we have to respond in full force," Detective James Holmes said. “I had hoped that this would be them and we could get them into custody because across the country we're concerned about these two people and the desperate position that they must be in right now."

Dozens of police officers surrounded the area, complete with air support and tactical teams.

It turns out the tipster was wrong, but police say that tip came from a concerned citizen.   

McCluskey and Welch were last seen August 6 in Billings, Montana.

They're both expert truckers and could be using highway truck stops to lay low, shower and get food on the run.

There is a $35,000 reward offered for information that leads to their arrest.

They escaped from prison on July 30th and are suspects in the killing of an Oklahoma couple whose bodies were discovered August 4 in a burned out trailer in New Mexico.