Immigration debate

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If some republicans have their way automatic citizenship to babies being born in the US will end, and the Fourteenth Amendment will change. The idea is causing controversy within the Republican Party.

According to the non partisan Pew Hispanic Center, one out of every twelve babies were born in the united states to undocumented mothers in 2008.

Russell Pearce, a co-author of Arizona's new immigration law believes there are many more undocumented mothers having babies in the US than what's being reported. He and other republicans are pushing to change the 14TH Amendment which allows automatic Citizenship to anyone born on American Soil.

Senator John McCain is one of a group of Republicans who don't believe changing the constitution is necessary. McCain says better border security will fix the problem. Homeland Security Secretary and former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano agrees.

A FOX News poll shows Americans split on the issue. 47 percent of voters believe babies born to undocumented mothers should be granted citizenship. 50 percent disagree.