Driver's licenses for illegal immigrants

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Illegal immigrants are getting drivers licenses. It's happening right now in three states, and its perfectly legal.

If you want to get behind the wheel in Arizona you must prove you are a United States citizen. In Washington, New Mexico, and Utah - no papers- no problem. That's according to a report by the Associated Press that shows a surge of immigrants seeking drivers licenses in those states since the enactment of SB 1070.

Some local motorists agree with Arizona's rules of the road.

Those in favor of looser licensing believe drivers with a license are more likely to buy car insurance. One man says he was once hit by an uninsured driver, but says letting illegals drive is not the answer.

The report says those three states issued 60 percent more licenses to illegals in the ten weeks following the approval of Arizona's immigration law.

Opponents say that encourages illegal immigration.

A driver's license is required for most jobs. That's why one woman says the freedom to drive is necessary - even for illegal immigrants.