Tea Party rally on US Mexico border

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It started as a movement against taxes. Now the Tea Party is declaring it's support for stronger border security. Members held a rally in Cochise County where they heard from political heavy hitters.

Hundreds gathered on a Cochise County ranch. Arizona State Senator Russel Pearce Addressed the crowd "We have an invasion going on in this country that is about to destroy this republic."  Pearce was one of the most anticipated guests. He is the author of Arizona's controversial immigration law. In his speech he shared details of the day he learned that his officer son had been shot, apparently by an undocumented criminal. "she says he was shot by an illegal alien who they were serving homicide warrants on. Already wanted for murder. Who I'm really upset with my Government. This should have never happened.

JD Hayworth was there to throw a few punches at rival candidate US Senator John McCain who he accuses of being on the wrong side of the immigration debate. "Comprehensive immigration reform. You and I know that's just a code term. The accurate description is one word, it's amnesty.

When the self proclaimed toughest sheriff in America entered the stage so did protesters. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio seemed to ignore the three who quietly complied when asked to leave the private property. Arpaio then made an interesting proposal. " Why don't we put the Border Patrol across the fence on that side? We'll clean up the mess in a month."

Security on the ranch was tight. Finding dissenting opinions was difficult.

One attendee suggested "when we shut down the border then we can start talking about what we'll do with the people who are here." Another stated "they get social security, they bankrupt the hospitals."