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Hansen Clinic of Natural Medicine - Early Puberty, Obesity, PMS, Menopause & Cancer
Increasing numbers of American girls are developing breasts as young as age 7, researchers have found. Environmental exposure to estrogens & chemicals that mimic estrogen are among the key factors suspected. Early onset of puberty may lead to obesity, hormone imbalances & cancer. A new study, published in the August 9, 2010, online issue of the journal Pediatrics, looked at more than 1,200 girls age 6 to 8 examined between 2004 & 2006, in New York, Ohio & California. It compared the age when the girls showed early signs of puberty with the results of a similar study from 13 years ago. Over that time period, the age at which girls began showing early signs of puberty decreased significantly among all races:
•Among seven-year-olds, about 10.4% of white girls, 23.4%of black girls and almost 15% of Hispanic girls had started developing breasts.
•Among eight-year-olds, 18.3%of white girls, nearly 43% of black girls and just under 31% of Hispanic girls showed evidence of breast development.
Rate has doubled since 1997, when 5.0% of 7-year-old white girls showed signs of breast development & 15.4% of black girls. No comparison data was available for Hispanic girls.                                                                                                                             

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