Judge finds Tempe mom guilty but insane in teen son's death

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PHOENIX -- A Maricopa County Superior Court judge has found a Tempe woman guilty but insane for the first-degree murder of her 14-year-old son.

Judge Joseph Kreamer sentenced 48-year-old Cynthia Hernandez Monday to the Arizona State Hospital in Phoenix.

Hernandez was accused of placing a towel over the head of her sleeping son on Feb. 15, 2008 and shooting him in the head with a rifle at point-blank range.

Fourteen-year-old Jeremy Barragan was found dead the next morning by his father.

A court document says Hernandez had gone four nights without sleep, and was on alcohol, marijuana, and mood-altering medications the night of the shooting.

The document also said Hernandez admitted to shooting her son, but told police she believed he was still alive and that the dead boy must be a "lookalike."

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