Phoenix school district investigating after teen says she was kicked off bus

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PHOENIX – The Roosevelt School District said it is looking into a teen girl’s claim that she was kicked off a school bus, and that when it returned for her, there was only the driver and another man on board.

Scott Winter, the13-year-old’s father, said his daughter was 45 minutes late getting home from Bernard Black Elementary School on Friday.

Winters said his daughter told him she was kicked off the bus. She told him some students were sitting two to a seat and others were sitting three to a seat.

“She tried to sit in one of the seats that was two to a seat,” Winter said. “[She said] she was kind of picked out of the crowd and told, ‘No, you need to stay here. You need to wait.’”

The girl said she did as she was told and waited at school. She said when the bus returned for her, there were no students on board. The only people on the bus were the driver and another man.

“You have this man and another man that we don’t know who this person was … it just seems like a situation that should not have happened,” Winter said. “If it was truly a safety issue – like the bus was too full and you’re not allowed to have three kids to a seat – there should have been 10 kids removed form that bus.”

Winter said his daughter, who was not harmed on Friday, will not be riding the bus on Monday. He wants more information about what happened first.

While neither the Roosevelt School District nor the girl’s school have responded to 3TV’s request for details, Winter said he received an e-mail from a school board member saying that they are investigating.