Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon

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Update: Thank you Arizona! Your generosity helped us reach our $1.4m MDA Labor Day Telethon goal! You are amazing!!

>> View MDA behind the scenes photos with April Warnecke, Carey Pena, Tara Hitchcocka and Brittney Shipp

Why? Because they're family.

Why do you help when the need is great?

Why do you answer when the call goes out?

Why do you give from the heart for Jerry's kids?

Because we're all part of Arizona's Family.

Join 3TV's Tara Hitchcock, Kaley O'Kelley, April Warnecke, Brittney Shipp, Carey Pena and Gina Maravilla as we come together to raise money for Jerry's kids during the 2010 MDA Labor Day Telethon today and tomorrow.

Telethon coverage begins tonight at 6 p.m.

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