Bye bye birdieflaps

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Did I get your attention with that title?  When you wave “goodbye” does your lower arm wave with you?  You know exactly what I’m talking about if it does!  Let’s say bye bye to our birdie flaps once and for all!  Upper arm fat is a huge problem for many of my female and occasionally my male clients especially after losing a bunch of weight or with the loss of elasticity as we age.  The culprit begins when the upper arm’s fatty tissue decreases from inside the skin leaving that nasty bag of skin that just flaps and hangs, creating insecurities when wearing that slinky top or tank.  Let’s put our insecurities aside by building long strong muscle that will support and hold our skin in place, forever waving goodbye to our “Bye Bye Birdie Flaps!”

Before we start our workout, bear in mind that it’s the increase of muscle that’s going to support and hold the tissue surrounding the upper arm.  So certain factors need to be present for protein synthesis to occur, i.e., muscle growth.  Working out alone will not create the lean, strong muscle we’re looking for without the right amount of protein to support the growth of muscle tissue.  On the contrary, without the necessary protein, bodily catabolism may occur by the body breaking down protein elsewhere, i.e., your available muscle from other parts of the body! 

Formula for the maintenance and growth of muscle for both males and females.
(Body Weight)  X (Body Fat) % = Total Lbs of (Fat Mass)
(Fat Mass)  -  (Body Weight) = Total Lbs of (Lean Mass)
(Lean Mass)  X (.6) *Females* or (.8) *Males* = Maintenance Protein in grams/day
(Lean Mass)  X (1) *Females* or (1.2) *Males* = Protein in grams/day for Growth
*Remember that body fat doesn’t use protein so the former formula of grams/day to equal body weight in Lbs. no longer stands true*

Now I’ve planted the seed so read below to thank your upper elbow for the time is now to get our rears in gear for our darn arms can’t wait to create that lean mean muscle that hates the weight that kills the thrills of waving goodbye!  Bye bye birdie flaps once and for all! 

Tricep Extension                                                                                        
• Support one hand on bench or chair with opposite elbow tight to your side holding light to medium dumbbell or one gallon water jug
• With elbow raised high at a 90 degree angle, straighten arm squeezing the tricep or back of the arm
• Complete 8 to 12 repetitions for 3 to 5 sets.
• Repeat on opposite side

Body Weight Tricep Dip
• Using the side of your coffee table, chair or bench, position both hands, palms down at your sides holding on to the side of table facing away
• With feet straight out in front, lower your body down keeping your arms tight to your sides
• Be sure not to break 90 degrees with the elbows
• Complete 12 to 16 repetitions for 3 to 5 sets

Close Grip Push-up
• With hands close together and back straight, lower body 90 degrees from the elbow and press back to upright position just before elbow lock-out
• Complete 12 to 16 repetitions for 3 to 5 sets
• Try against table or bench if too difficult at floor level
Ball Tricep Extension
• With belly button on center of ball, bring elbows back and keep tight to the side
• Extend both arms straight behind and hold
• Keeping elbows high, lower one arm at a time, alternating arms
• Complete 8 to 12 repetitions for 3 to 5 sets