Breast cancer survivor takes on Facebook to spread awareness

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PHOENIX -- Ana Lilia Castillo of Avondale is a breast cancer survivor and recently began using her Facebook page to promote awareness of the disease and offer hope and support to those who have been diagnosed.

In her profile picture, she is topless, her chest covered by a pink banner that says "hope." It's not a salacious photo, but apparently some found it inappropriate and offensive. Facebook has removed the profile picture -- more than once. Castillo keeps putting it back.

Castillo, who was diagnosed five years ago when she was just 30 years old, explained to Scott Pasmore and Kaley O'Kelley why the photo is so important to her and why she'll keep posting it on Facebook.

"When you're lying in a hospital bed and you can't move and your body is disfigured from all the surgeries, you wonder if you're ever going to feel normal again, if you're ever going to feel happy. This picture is just a message from me to victims, 'Hey, you can be beautiful after going through this.'"